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Local Advisory Board (LAB)


Welcome to the Governors Page

As Chair of Governors I am very proud of our school and in particular of the staff team who work so hard to ensure the pupils are getting the very best opportunities to succeed.

The role of a Governor is one that covers all aspects of life within the school but most importantly we need to understand what the school wants to achieve and how it is going to succeed. We monitor the School Development Plan collaboratively  and also have  a range  of individual  responsibilities which include  involvement  in staff recruitment, staff appraisals  , Safeguarding,  the Single Central Record,  Pupil Premium, Health and Safety , Ofsted preparation  and   having an overview of the financial management of the school.

Our role is also to challenge the Headteacher and Trustees to provide us with the evidence we need to do our job effectively.

As someone involved in Special Education over very many years we have faced many things but none as challenging as the current Covid 19 pandemic.  I am confident that the school is working hard to provide for our pupils and support our families during such a difficult time.  I know my fellow Governors will endorse my comments.

When we are not 'working' there are many exciting things to get involved in , not least the  imminent opening of The Chamwell Centre with its amazing new facilities that will provide fun, therapy and education for all our pupils. I can't wait to see it buzzing with activity!

Kate Hawkins, Chair of LAB

October 2020


There are various types of LAB members drawn from a number of different areas including parents, staff, Local Authority and Community.

The LAB are all volunteers who want to make a positive contribution to our children’s education.  Together with Diane Taylor, Headteacher, they set the future direction of the school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent.

The LAB makes collective decisions on matters such as the School Development Plan and school policies.

The official role of a member of the LAB is to:

  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Hold the Principal to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure value for money

Categories of LAB Members:

  • Parent – elected by parents and carers of children at school
  • Staff – selected by election from staff employed at school
  • Co-opted – appointed by the Governing body

The Clerk to the LAB is Val Holliday. If you have any LAB related queries or need to contact Kate Hawkins, LAB Chair of Governors, please email val.holliday(at) or write to her at The Milestone School, Longford Lane, Gloucester, GL2 9EU.

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Stephen Dowell

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Elaine Marshall




Michael Williams


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Andy Williams




Sue Antill




Mike Lewis

Parent 26/09/19 25/09/23 



Terms of Office are for 4 years unless otherwise stated.

All members have voting rights.

Governor Responsibilities

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LAB Meeting Dates

22 September 21 - 18 November 21 - 20 January 22 - 17 March 22 - 5 May 22 - tbc

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