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Values and Ethos

      ‘Removing obstacles and enabling access to learning’  

Mission statement 

  • We provide an aspirational, effective and inspiring school.
  • We provide an environment which allows our children to develop academically, socially, physically and emotionally.
  • We use our expertise and resources to offer pupils access to as broad a curriculum as relevant to each individual, incorporating aspects of the National Curriculum as appropriate and encouraging active learning
  • We promote the school as part of the educational continuum, not apart from it.        

Guiding Principle Aims

The school will –

  • use the curriculum as a learning process not a content or structure
  • lead its own learning for pupils and staff with the focus on ‘learning to learn’ and problem solving
  • have the individual as the central focus, not the curriculum
  • enable, facilitate and allow pupils time to learn
  • adopt a trans-disciplinary, holistic approach with all agencies involved with the child – including parents and carers
  • develop ‘interest appropriate’ approaches as well as age appropriate approaches.
  • have high expectations of pupils and staff
  • provide opportunities for all staff to develop skills and expertise, thereby ensuring a high standard of teaching matched to the needs of pupils
  • engage positively with the local community and utilise it as part of the learning experience
  • continuously review and evaluate all aspects of the school and set innovative targets for development
  • prepare pupils for an adult life with a focus on being able to communicate and be understood, problem solve and cope with new situations.

Each pupil and member of staff will –

  • know what is expected
  • feel appreciated and valued 
  • have structure to his/her day  -  with consistency and continuity as needed
  • enjoy success and learn that making mistakes and getting things wrong are positive learning opportunities 
  • achieve high personal standards
  • be supported to communicate their needs