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What's on in 2017/2018 

The dates shown below give you an idea of some of the key activities which will take place in the school during 2017/2018.  Some of the activities are for school staff only but parents and carers are invited to attend many events such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter celebrations and of course, Parents' Evening  - invitation letters are usually sent home with pupils for these events.   Parents, carers and friends are always welcome at the Friends meetings.

Foundation Dept. Christmas Market (1) Thurs  14.12.17 1.30pm followed by singing at 2pm
Foundation Dept. Christmas Market (2) Fri 15.12.17 1.30pm followed by singing at 2pm
School Christmas Lunch Wed 13.12.17  
Inset Day 17/18 Fri 5.1.18  
Governors, Premises, F&S Tues 9.1.18  
Health & Safety Meeting Thurs 11.1.18 10.45am, main staff room
Standards Committee Thurs 11.1.18  
Full Governors Tues 16.1.18  
Friends Meeting Tues 16.1.18 10.45am, Headteacher's office
Community Cafe Mon 29.1.18  
SLT Monitoring Week w/c 5.2.18  
School Council Wed 7.2.18 1.30pm-2.15pm, Community Room
Community Cafe Mon 19.2.18 1.30pm-2.30pm
School Forum Thurs 22.2.18 3.30pm in Main Hall
Community Cafe Fri 23.2.18  
Friends Meeting Tues 27.2.18 10.45am, Headteacher's office
"Where Next" evening Tues 27.2.18 5.30pm-7pm
Health & Safety Meeting Thurs  8.3.18 10.45am in main staff room
Parents' Evening Thurs 8.3.18  
Standards Governors Thurs 8.3.18  
Governors, Premises, F&S Tues 13.3.18  
Full Governors Tues 20.3.18  
School Council Wed 21.3.18 1.30pm-2.15pm, Community Room
Red Nose Day Fri 23.3.18  
Community Cafe Mon 26.3.18 1.30pm-2.30pm
Inset Day 17/18 Thurs 29.3.18  
Foundation Dept. Easter   tba  
Middle Dept. Easter   tba  
Senior Dept. Easter   tba  
Friends Meeting Tues 17.4.18 10.45am, Headteacher's office
Community Cafe Mon 23.4.18  1.30pm-2.30pm
Health & Safety Meeting Thurs 10.5.18 10.45am in main staff room
Standards Governors Thurs 10.5.18  
SLT Monitoring Week w/c 14.5.18  
Governors, Premises, F&S Tues 15.5.18  
School Council Wed 16.5.18 1.30pm-2.15pm, Community Room
Community Cafe Mon 21.5.18 1.30pm-2.30pm
Full Governors Tues 22.5.18  
Inset Day 17/18 Fri 25.5.18  
School Forum Wed 6.6.18 3.30pm in Main Hall
Friends   Meeting Tues 12.6.18 10.45am, Headteacher's office
Community Cafe Mon 18.6.18  1.30pm-2.30pm
Curriculum   reports to parents Fri 22.6.18  
Senior Prom Tues 3.7.18  
School Council Wed 4.7.18 1.30pm-2.15pm, Community Room
Standards Governors Thurs 5.7.18  
Health & Safety Meeting Thurs 5.7.18 10.45am in main staff room
Community Cafe Mon 9.7.18  1.30pm-2.30pm
Governors, Premises, F&S Tues 10.7.18  
Parents' Evening transition Thurs 12.7.18  
Milestone Oscars Fri 13.7.18  
Full Governors Tues 17.7.18  
Leavers presentation Fri 20.7.18  
Sports Day   tba