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Support Team

Behaviour Support Team

  • Rosey Williams
  • Dan Tyreman

Administrative Staff

  • Amy Gable, Pupil Information and Teaching School Administrator
  • Helen Gardner, Receptionist
  • Pauline Hill, Receptionist and Pupil Information
  • Dawn Imm, School Improvement and Communication Officer
  • Lynn Campbell-Davies, Review and Exam Officer
  • Vacancy, Personnel Officer
  • Lucy Petrie, Admin Assistant
  • Tina Evans, Finance Officer
  • Charmaine McAtee, Finance Officer
  • Carol Williams, Finance Assistant
  • Kaylie Hooper, Finance Assistant

Data Manager

  • Val Holliday

ICT Team

  • Dave Trotman (ICT Manager)
  • Mark Price
  • Eric Stevens

Premises Staff

  • Rob Stevens (Site Manager)
  • Viv Woolley
  • Mick Williams

Swimming Teacher 

  • Lazlo Berdan

Catering Staff 

  • Sharon Bartle, Catering Manager

We have a number of midday supervisors who help deliver food and feed pupils in the dining hall and classrooms.

Other professionals based at school 

We have staff based at school who form part of the inter disciplinary team including Physiotherapists and Speech & Language therapists.