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School Council

What is the School Council?

The purpose of the School Council is to represent the views and opinions of pupils throughout the school. 11 secondary pupils are elected in September each year and a Chair and Deputy Chair are elected by the School Council.  3 staff are also part of the School Council.

Issues that might be discussed in the school meetings include:

  • School equipment
  • Fundraising
  • Pupil survey questions, responses and actions to be taken
  • Playtime issues

What is the role of a School Council representative?

Current members of the School Council think that their role is to bring ideas from the pupils within their Hubs to the meetings.

Who are the School Council representatives for 2016/2017?

Tom Cotton

Vice Presidents:
Oliver Sheard and Layla Burt-Mruk

Enterprise Hub Reps:
Meah Taylor, Tom Cotton, Oliver Sheard, Rohi Mimbulu and Brandon Harrison

Venture Hub Reps:
Spencer Powell, Charlie Goodwin, Anan Saquib, Amber Byham, Jamal Birkett, Kyshantay Carter-Lynch
Layla Burt-Mruk, Lishon Liyanage and Katy Phililips-Mathias

How does the School Council work?

The School Council representatives meet once a term during the year. The meetings are led with an agenda and minuted by the member of staff responsible for the School Council.  Council representatives are given the opportunity to discuss any issues they have brought to the meeting.

What have the School Council done recently?

Slimbridge WWT invited the School Council to visit and make comments on the educational facilities in place.  They also looked at how easy it is to access areas around the site, how easy maps and signs are to use and how some of the educational activities could be improved.  On a second visit some of the suggested changes had been put in place and the Council members gave feedback on these changes. 

What did the School Council do in 2015/2016?

This year we have had a very enthusiastic and vibrant group of students bursting with ideas and suggestions to improve school facilities and address issues affecting pupils.  At the first meeting it was agreed that we would:

  • Raise money for school equipment (£160 was raised from bag packing and £56 was raised by car washing).
  • Raise money for a charity (a coffee morning was held and raised £427 for victims of the Nepalese earthquake).
  • Conduct an outdoor learning survey.
  • Have new nets for the football cage and repaint the white lines (money for this was approved by the Business Manager and the work was completed very quickly) .
  • Hold a coffee morning to raise the profile of the School Council (did this as part of the Nepalese fundraiser).
  • Make links with another school (we visited the School Council at The Shrubberies in Stonehouse).