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Class Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) and Learning Support Workers (LSWs)

Our teachers are supported by HLTAs and LSWs who are absolutely integral to ensuring the needs of all pupils are met.

Foundation Department - Class Teachers

  • Blue, Linda Phipps
  • Green, Lauren Chandler
  • Orange, Julie Tandy
  • Pink, Emma Grant
  • Purple, Sam Proctor
  • Red, Mike Jones
  • White, Holly Jenkins
  • Yellow, Zsuzsanna Takacs
  • Turquoise, Cristina Muntean
  • Maroon, Sally-Ann Lonsdale Kate Clark covering Mat Leave 
  • Mauve, Kara Mann
  • Lilac, Emma Corfield

Middle Department - Class Teachers

  • Wallabies, Carys Buswell - Matt Gilmour covering MAT leave 
  • Foxes, Sadie Trotman-Murray
  • Pheasants, Robert Vida
  • Deer, Joe Page
  • Squirrels, Charlotte Rix
  • Hawks, Carly Noble - Kerry Dooner covering MAT leave 
  • Badgers, Sam Beltran
  • Owls, Mark Herbert,
  • Otters, Jo Scrivener
  • Hedgehogs, Ruby Coulston Jenkins

Senior Department - Class Teachers 

  • S1, Beth Griffin
  • S2, Roger Morgan
  • S3, Sue Reed
  • S4 Lily Fulton
  • S5, Arianne Munson 
  • S6,Josh Loade
  • S7, Craig Clarke
  • S8, Caroline Barnett
  • S9 Val Kennedy

The Haven - Class Teacher

  • Carissa Palmer-Little - Sam Sysum Lead Covering MAT Leave 

The Space - Class Teacher

  • Jayne English

Swimming Teacher

  • Laszlo Berdan