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Enterprise Hub

Preparing for adulthood

We believe we can “make a huge difference to the life-chance outcomes of our pupils if we share with them a range of choices, good information, support about housing , employment, health and social relationships whilst they are still at school” (Pathways to getting a life March 2011). 

The Enterprise Hub curriculum has been developed around the 4 strands of ‘Pathways to getting a life’:

  • Housing (housing choices; life skills and independent living in the home)
  • Health
  • Friendships, relationships and community (including leisure and enrichment activities)
  • Careers, employability and enterprise

A skills based curriculum has been developed, to embrace and build on our external accreditation programme (Foundation Learning Grid) which is offered to all pupils at a level appropriate to individual needs. This curriculum aims to inspire pupils to achieve in areas they find challenging through providing a creative, experiential learning environment in which individuals feel a sense of personal autonomy, responsibility and pride. 

Pupils' personal and social development, mental health and safety are at the core of the curriculum:  healthy diet and exercise are promoted across all curriculum areas, alongside a strong focus on developing resilience, self esteem and coping strategies. Functional skills in English, Maths and ICT have been introduced to support deeper learning, where progress has proved challenging for individual learners.  These functional skills are delivered discretely and also embedded across the curriculum.

Where appropriate, sensory approaches are used to enable learners to access and engage with the curriculum, to benefit from therapeutic effects and to develop senses (including tactics to cope with impairment/ aversion).

The curriculum uses an Active Learning approach to meet the needs of individual learners. Timetables are created to provide inclusion across each class and ensure pupil choices are considered.

Housing (life skills and independent living in the home)
Life skills, practical skills, and personal, learning & thinking skills form an integral part of the curriculum. All pupils are given the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, promoting independence in the home and local community, using public transport and developing financial capability. 

Physical activities such as games, dance, swimming and mobility are high profile in the curriculum. Pupils are encouraged to use the local leisure centre as appropriate to prepare them for leisure time in their adult life. Healthy eating is delivered as a discrete accreditation unit, through individual home cooking skills and also embedded in daily snack routines.

Friendships, relationships and community (including leisure and enrichment activities)
Pupils are encouraged to learn about environmental issues such as recycling and horticulture. Total Communication is promoted throughout the school and specifically through social communication and interaction activities. Pupils are offered a range of experiences to enrich the curriculum and to enhance the curriculum areas to which they are entitled.  

Careers, employability and enterprise
Work related activities are delivered as appropriate for all the pupils. Work experience is offered for those for whom it is appropriate, either as a block period of time or regular sessions over a period of time. Some pupils link with businesses in the local community while others are based in school.

Close links are established with the LA SEN Disability Employment Commissioning team, FORWARDS Employment; GFutures ( Learning and Education Partnership); County Careers groups ( mainstream and SEN).

Enterprise education is embedded in the curriculum. We encourage our pupils to make choices, take risks, cope with change and be creative. Financial and entrepreneurial skills are developed in a variety of enterprising projects.

Residential trips are offered and provide an opportunity for pupils to experience time away from home and discover a lot about themselves. Pupils develop new skills such as kayaking, raft building and sailing.  Some pupils access Forest School activities and visits to other cities, e.g. Oxford or London.  Raising self-confidence and promoting greater independence whilst having fun is an important aspect of these trips.   All residentials are carefully risk assessed and follow County advice and guidance.    

Other Activities/Experiences
Enterprise Hub take part in many activities outside the school environment to enhance pupil learning and develop independence as appropriate.  Some of these outings involve using public transport.  Travel training is included as appropriate for individual pupils.

Pupil Voice
Pupils from Enterprise Hub are represented on the secondary School Council.  Each class democratically elects one member to represent them at School Council meetings.  These meetings are held regularly with agendas set and minutes taken. 

We have a Milestone school representative on the G15 student steering group. G15 represents all 15 secondary educational establishments in Gloucester city, where collaboration is seen as a positive experience and can enhance opportunities for our learners. 

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (including British Values)
Opportunities are taken across the curriculum to develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.  This is especially true in the teaching of RE, PSHE and Citizenship.

Pupils in Enterprise Hub participate in 2 assemblies each week: Monday morning assembly is led by each class in turn and focuses on a thought provoking topic which is relevant to their current work.  Friday afternoon is a secondary celebration assembly where certificates and awards are given out.  We join the local church, Holy Trinity, Longlevens to experience Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

R.E. topics such as Fair Trade and Homelessness promote Global citizenship as well as further developing spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness.

British Values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, rights and responsibilities and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs) are embedded across the curriculum and clearly illustrated through Class charters and ethos statements.  

Transition to Post 16
An essential aim of the Enterprise Hub curriculum is to ensure a smooth transition to Post 16 provision.  This is ensured through close liaison between pupil, family, school staff, Post 16 provider and LA.

 A ‘Where Next’ evening takes place in the spring term to which many Post 16 providers are invited to support families gain information about the Post 16 process and Post 16 providers.

Pupils’ views will be recorded on the one page profile and ‘preparing for adulthood’ documents which are presented at their Education, Health and Care Plan review meeting.

School liaises closely with Post 16 providers regarding Curriculum and assessment to ensure a progression route is maintained. 

We aim to implement the Children and Families Act 2014 ‘to help our learners achieve success in education and prepare them for adult life’.