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Rainbow Hub

The Rainbow Hub welcomes children aged from two years upwards. We have a flexible approach designed to meet the children’s needs. There are eight classes so we are able to accommodate their educational needs in the class which is most suitable for their learning.

We are a friendly and approachable team and parents are actively encouraged to visit and join in with their child’s education. We have coffee mornings and celebration assemblies throughout the year.

For pre-school children’s admission, children need to be referred to the Multi Agency panel for an Education Health Care assessment: some children can attend part time on an assessment place , agreed by the Local Authority.

Other children joining throughout the key stage gain admission through their EHCP.

The class numbers are small - each class has a teacher and a minimum of two learning support workers ( LSWs ) to support the children’s learning.

There is access to the speech and language therapy team, physiotherapy and occupational therapy and we also have lots of input from music specialist, including a music therapist.

The Rainbow Hub has a soft play area, a sensory room area and for the older children they have weekly access to the school swimming pool; the younger children receive swimming lessons for part of the academic year.

There is an outdoor learning area which all classes use. At break and lunch time there are different play areas for the children to use.

The Early Years foundation stage is followed and supported by topic work each term.