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Learning and Development

"Removing obstacles and enabling assess to learning" underpins all of our teaching and learning provision.  We aim to develop life skills and as much independence as possible through personalised learning and appropriate support.

We accommodate over 300 pupils aged from 2 years to 16 years in 33 classes and four Hubs.  Most class groups comprise a mixture of special needs. 

The majority of pupils have Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), and there are also many with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and severe Autistic Spectrum condition (AS).   Increasing numbers also have more complex needs.  A number of pupils require a high level of individual support, either because of severe medical needs or particularly challenging behaviours.

We want to ensure that each pupil has the most positive learning environment to meet their educational and emotional needs. To achieve this, from September 2016 we reduced the need for a pupil to move class because they are a particular age.   As part of this process we renamed the departments in school. Last year the Departments were known as Phases 1-4 and are now known as follows:

  • Rainbow Hub – was Early Years/Phase 1
  • Woodland Hub – was Phase 2
  • Venture Hub – was Phase 3
  • Enterprise Hub – was Phase 4
  • The Haven: a Hub for pupils who respond well to a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main school.  This is attached to part of the Enterprise Hub building.
  • The Space, our specialist unit in the grounds of the school.

Over their time with us most pupils will move from Hub to Hub.  Many of our pupils cope well with this and even enjoy the moves. Some pupils find it difficult but are supported (by staff and transition activities) to cope and benefit from the changes, which we consider to be good preparation for coping with change in the outside world, and as preparation for the transition to post school settings and adult life.

For a small number of pupils moving to a new classroom and/or area of school is extremely traumatic and we feel it will be beneficial to reduce the number of class moves they have during their school life. We are a large school and, whilst most pupils enjoy the hustle and bustle of moving down busy corridors during the school day, some pupils find it stressful and we want to reduce the need for this through a base in The Haven.

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