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Voluntary Contributions

We request voluntary contributions to help support many of the activities planned throughout the year.  It would not be possible for the school to meet the costs of transport and admission or instruction without using funds required for our basic educational needs such as classroom materials, books and other resources.

These contributions are entirely voluntary and your child would not be denied a place on the visit/activity just because you declined to make a voluntary payment.  However, the school may not proceed with the visit or activity unless it is clear that there will be enough voluntary contributions for it to be financed. 

We send a letter to parents/carers at the beginning of each academic year to let them know how much the voluntary contributions are for a number of different activities. 

Voluntary contributions for 2016/2017:

  • Swimming offsite, £2 per session
  • Riding for the Disabled, £4 per session
  • School minibus transport, £2 per trip
  • Snacks and consumables, £2.50 per week

Class teachers will also request voluntary contributions for specific additional activities or outings, and, of course, for any planned residential experiences.  Such requests are made in writing, usually along with other details and the permission slip for the activity or visit.