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Casual Staff

We have our own bank of supply staff and are currently welcoming applications for the following positions: 

Casual Learning Support Worker

To cover in the event of staff absence to support teaching staff with their responsibility for the development and education of the pupils, who have a wide range of special needs, and under the direction and control of the classroom teacher or designated supervisor to:

  • actively engage in the pre-determined educational activities and work programmes to assist in personal and individual development of individual or groups of pupils.
  • supervise the activities of individuals or groups of pupils to ensure their safety and to facilitate their physical and emotional development
  • undertake those activities necessary to meet the physical and emotional needs of individuals and groups of children
  • monitor individual pupils and report problems and concerns to the designated supervisor
  • where appropriate, and following any necessary specific training, perform specialised procedures associated with a child’s particular needs, for example: personal & intimate care, administration of medication (oral, rectal); care for a child during a crisis, (such as an epileptic fit or diabetic coma); facilitate mobility in the process of assisting with educational activities and meeting the needs of individual children, to assist with preparing classroom resources (collecting items from stock rooms, libraries etc; photocopying/laminating; assisting with classroom and corridor displays); to assist with general laundry duties; to participate in trips out of school (where qualified to drive the school minibus if required); to help keep the classroom and associated areas tidy.
  • to assist in the swimming pool as and when required
  • to attend training sessions provided by the school and to claim for this time if not within the postholder’s contracted hours 

Casual LSW's are required to work from 9.15am until 3.15pm with a 30 minute unpaid break (5.5 hours per day).  The salary is £9.79 per hour (grade E, scp 13) and will be paid a month in arrears (hours to be submitted by claim forms at the end of each month).   

Please note that this is a zero hour contract and regular hours cannot be guaranteed.  Casual LSW's are contacted by text between 6.30am and 8.30am to see if they are available to work that day. 

If you are interested in applying for a post please contact the reception to book onto the next school tour to learn more about the school and for an informal interview.   

Job Description  

Application Form 

Please return application forms to:-

Stephanie Fox, The Milestone School, Longford Lane, Gloucester. GL2 9EU

or email:

If you would like more information please telephone Stephanie Fox - 01452 874060

Casual & Permanent Play Workers

During the dinner time period Play Makers support pupil’s feeding and then ensure they have the opportunity to access engaging and rewarding play experiences.  We are looking to recruit Casual (zero hour contract) and Permanent Playmakers to cover staff absence.  The main duties include:-

-          encouraging pupils to engage in play

-          ensuring the environment is safe for play

-          observing play

-          facilitating activities to support the extension of play.

The hours of work are Monday to Friday, 12noon until 1.30pm  and the salary is Grade D, scp 11..   

Job Description  

Application Form 

 Please return application forms to:

Adi Hargreaves, The Milestone School, Longford Lane, Gloucester. GL2 9EU

or email:  adi.hargreaves(at)

If you would like more information please telephone Adi Hargreaves - 01452 874005